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VSF-Suisse is looking for a Marketing Consultant!

VSF- Suisse, 02.02.2017

(based on an article by Laura Lake, The Balance, September 30, 2015)

(1) Nonprofit marketing is the use of marketing tactics by a nonprofit organization, that promotes the image, profile, mandate, interests and core functions of the organization. Marketing is particularly important for a nonprofit organization, as they usually need ways to market their cause to volunteers who would want to help, to donors that may wish donate to their cause and partners and networks that may have interest to partner and or collaborate with the organization.


It is much harder for a nonprofit organization to gain an audience in the same ways that a business providing a product or service would.


Nonprofits do not get as much social media attention and do not typically benefit from advertising, so it is wise for nonprofits to save their time and money on those things and channel their energy into the best ways for them to be heard and noticed by their donors and partners, and to be acknowledged by the collaborating networks and beneficiaries of the organization’s work. 


The purpose of nonprofit marketing is to have a way for nonprofits to market their causes in a way that encourages people to help, which could be a dramatically different way than a traditional business would be able to get attention.


(2) Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (VSF-Suisse) is a non-governmental organization active in the fields of emergency aid and development cooperation, working for the poorest people who often live and survive thanks to the contribution of their livestock, fisheries and other natural resources. VSF-Suisse is currently active in six African countries: Mali, Togo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.


(3) VSF-Suisse aims to improve the well-being and resilience of vulnerable populations by promoting the health and productivity of their livestock in a sustainably preserved environment. Healthy animals save lives, as echoed in our slogan; “Healthy Animals - Healthy People – Healthy Environment”


(4) VSF-Suisse is certified by the Swiss NGO quality label ZEWO and is a member of the network VSF International  /


(5) Our field teams are composed of veterinarians, agronomists, project coordinators and management staff. They intervene in humanitarian crises by providing emergency assistance and implementing development projects. They train veterinary assistants on site, conduct vaccination campaigns and distribute healthy animals to people in need. Thanks to the sale of animal products, families can obtain an income allowing them to buy necessity goods and sustain the schooling of their children. From dependence to independence, lasting prospects for the most vulnerable families are made possible with the support of VSF-Suisse.



(6) VSF-Suisse has a long history of more than 28 years of emergency aid and development work mainly in Africa. After years of financial and managerial difficulties, VSF-Suisse has recovered in 2014-2016 and is now on the way of developing its activities and increasing the relevant project portfolio.


(7) The main contributors to the work of VSF-Suisse are both international and Swiss development agencies, foundations and governmental entities (Cantons, Communities, etc.).


(8) The excellence of VSF-Suisse is mainly based on the quality, experience and dedication of its staff operating in the countries of intervention, and on the improving collaboration between Country Offices and Head Office (HO).


(9) Public presence and fundraising in Switzerland are slowly rising based on a fundraising strategy developed in 2015 and implemented since then. The organisational capital is now positive, but VSF-Suisse has still no adequate proper reserves. (See Financial Reports 2014, 2015; 2016 is not available yet).


(10) Nevertheless, VSF-Suisse lacks a proper Marketing Concept which would allow us to better develop the profile and reputation with our main partners and donors, in order to be more effective in a very competitive market related to project acquisition.



(11) VSF-Suisse has decided to hire a consultancy communication company (or individual) for steering the development of a Marketing Concept. Our understanding is not to embark the organization in a full new definition of its core values, vision and mission, corporate identity, etc. as this work has been done over the two last years, although some adjustments might be possible. Rather, it is to better determine our strengths and added value of our work in the field, in order to better communicate them to our main partners, donors and the public, by identifying the adequate communication strategy and instruments to attract the target audiences.


(12) The consultant will be provided with all the requested material and will have access to all external and internal material without restriction. One contact staff at the HO will help to collect this material for the consultant, including the VSF-Suisse offices in Africa. She will also facilitate the contacts between the consultant and our staff.


(13) The possibility for the consultant to visit at least one Country Office of VSF-Suisse will be discussed and organized, subject to the availability of time and resources.


(14) The consultant will have to conduct face 2 face or Skype interviews with VSF-Suisse staff at the HO, in the Country Offices and with key partners to be identified.


(15) Fluent oral English and French are requested. The report should be written in English and in format defined by VSF-Suisse as the Client.


(16). The output of the consultancy is a mid-term report (presentation) at the HO about the first findings, and a final report (max 25 pages’ report with a IS - TO BE analysis and clear and concrete recommendations on the way and the instruments to be developed to reach our goals.). The report will be presented to a delegation of the HO and the board, acting as project sponsors. The deadline for sending the final report is 30st June 2017, and 15th July for the final presentation.


(17) Terms of Reference for the consultancy will be published before the end of January 2017, with the aim to select a company before the end of February 2017. Applications should be sent to VSF-Suisse by 15.02.2017 the latest to the email address They should include:
a) letter of interest;
b) the profile and experience of the company including on international level;
c) short description of the process and timing that should be followed to reach the objectives;
d) a budget, which should take into account that the call for interest is launched at the international level and that VSF-Suisse has a limited budget for this project.


(18) The Marketing Concept is under the supervision of the Executive Director (Daniel Bolomey) and coordinated at the HO by Virginie Wyss (Project Assistant), contact point (virginie.wyss@vsf-suisse-org / Tel. +41 31 332 77 65)

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