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Urgent Call: Let's save lives in the Horn of Africa!

VSF- Suisse, 17.06.2016

The countries in the Horn of Africa have been subject to a devastating drought for 1.5 years. At the beginning of this year, the climate phenomenon El Niño stroke as well and brought with it torrential rain. However, the soil was already too dry to take all the water. Thus, after suffering from hunger and diseases due to the drought, the people and animals in the Horn of Africa have now become the victims of floods.

For many years VSF-Suisse has been working in the poorest regions of Eastern Africa to support the peoples in their survival and recovery from droughts and floods. We make this happen with emergency aid measures such as the distribution of water and food.
Additionally, we distribute animal feed for the remaining livestock, and healthy animals in order to support the people in building new herds to sustain themselves.

Your support enables us to keep implementing these measures!

Right now, we are undertaking emergency aid activities in Ethiopia, which are supported, among others, by Swiss Solidarity. To learn more about our current projects in Ethiopia, simply click here:

We urgently ask you for your help! If you, too, want to take part in supporting us, click here or contact us at, or by phone at 031 332 77 65. Thank you so much!

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